"To be Flamenco is to have another skin, other passions, other desires. It is a different way of seeing the world, with music in one's nerves, a fierce pride, happiness mingled with tears; it is a loathing of routine and sameness; it is to be intoxicated in song, wine and kisses; it is the translation of life into an art of caprices and of freedom."
Tomas Borras

At “Studio Flamenca” we offer a range of classes and activities for all ages and levels.
There are year-long classes at our studio in the BeitHaKerem neighborhood as well as in the French Hill and Givat Shaul neighborhoods.
Flamenco mini-workshops are available for visiting groups coming to the studio. Interactive educational activities for school children and institutional audiences are available on location.


Our students have the opportunity to develop their talents and proficiency bringing their joy of dance to the stage on a regular basis.
Community arts is an important part of the studio’s vision and dancers and musicians take part in local arts and culture initiatives.
Artistic Director, Micaela Harari, has collaborated with professional flamenco artists locally and from Spain as well as participated in productions combining flamenco with Classical, Ladino, and Arabic music.
Flamenco shows are available for hire for special events, parties, and festivals.


Studio Flamenca offers a variety of entertainment for events and activities for groups. Please click to see a list of options. They can be easily adapted for different spaces and audiences including schools, community centers, conferences, and special events.


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We look forward to you visiting us in the studio, on our site, in our outdoor events & social media.
Come take part, experience and participate in the experience of dance and music filled with emotion and sweeping beat.
If you have any questions please contact us here ….


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