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Studio Flamenca

Studio “Flamenca” is a community-based project whose goal is to enrich the lives of its students and audiences through the study and appreciation of flamenco art. Flamenco has a special place in Jerusalem: its character is Oriental and Occidental and its evolution reflects the interaction of the three religious cultures – Jewish, Christian, and Islamic

Studio “Flamenca” is your space for expression, learning, dance and music. Located in the Beit HaKerem Community Center, Studio “Flamenca” is open to children and adults of all levels of experience. We hold dance classes all year long and produce a variety of community events and performances. Workshops with guest artists and complementary lectures are available to our students and to the wider community.
Studio “Flamenca” is the vision of dancer/teacher, Micaela Harari. Combining her extensive experience in dance, flamenco, performance and choreography (see resume enclosed), Harari directs her program of study to educate her students for achievement, discipline, and self-discovery.

What is Flamenco?

Flamenco is a musical culture that grew out of the cross-fertilization of peoples inhabiting the southern region of the Iberian peninsula. Today it is an widely recognized art form learned and appreciated by amateurs and professionals internationally.
From its beginnings as a vocal expression of the emotions of marginalized ethnic and social minorities in Andalucia, it came to embrace a vast repertoire of regional folklore, complex musical forms, and a lively dancing tradition that continues to develop and re-invent itself today. The 3 main flamenco elements- song, guitar, and dance – are connected by rhythmic patterns organized into particular styles or categories. Flamenco artists interpret these styles, maintaining  their essential characteristics and making innovations.
Flamenco is both an emotional and an improvised art form. The learning of flamenco is a life-long endeavor and inspiration that has captured the passions of artists and audiences all over the world.

Flamenco in Jerusalem

Though relatively new to the Jerusalem cultural scene, flamenco has quickly become popular with students, artists, and audiences. Its Oriental flavor and emotional delivery makes it immediately accessible to the city’s mixed population. The love of flamenco, or “aficion”, is apparent in the growing numbers of children and adults attending dance classes, learning guitar and singing, and in the more frequent performances of flamenco shows with local and foreign artists.



Studio “Flamenca” is located in the Beit Ha Kerem Community Center, 137 Herzl Boulevard, in Jerusalem, Israel. It is accessible by light rail train from the “Yafe Nof” stop and by major bus lines (numbers 5, 28, 39, 50, 21, and 33) that have stops at the Sha’are Tzedek Hospital or Yafe Nof. There is plenty of free parking for those coming in cars. There are three commercial centers within walking distance with cafes and shops.