Learning Flamenco

Flamenco is a challenging and expressive art form:

it requires musicality, coordination, strength, stamina, focus, and concentration. The technique includes exercises for posture, upper body and arm movements, turns, and footwork. Learning choreography demands rhythmic accuracy and the memorization of movement phrases. Students at Studio “Flamenca” also become acquainted with Flamenco history and repertoire. They prepare themselves for performance. The learning of Flamenco promotes mind-body control and discipline. Performance develops self-confidence and gives the students personal satisfaction and sense of achievement. For children, flamenco is fun and challenging at the same time. For adults, flamenco has profound elegance and a mature sensuality.

Flamenco in its original form was a people’s art meaning that it was an amateur form of expression and developed in accordance to the rhythm of the lives of families living in Andalusia. With time Flamenco dance became professionalized adopting technique and study methods from other dance forms.

Flamenco is an expressive art with strong emotional content. Flamenco attracts the young with its rhythmic challenges and its proud demeanor. It attracts mature people with its profound feeling that encompasses the joy and pain of life.

Physical Requirements

Any healthy person can dance flamenco. People with dance backgrounds are advantaged by having movement experience and body awareness. People with music backgrounds are advantaged by having sensitivity to rhythm. The most important ingredients to success are motivation, discipline, and a willingness to learn new material.

For those who want to delve deeper into flamenco dance, it is recommended to do so with full body awareness and a disciplined approach to developing correct posture, a supported and strong center, and proper use of the joints, tendons and muscles particularly in regard to extensive footwork (zapateado).

Consult with the dance instructor and a qualified movement specialist regarding spinal and knee injuries if you are considering starting a program of flamenco dance study.

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